Building the value of our food products
through the Warabeya Nichiyo Group's integrated system

Creating attractive new “Food Products” through technology and development capabilities

Most of the personnel involved in product development are qualified national registered dieticians, nutritionists, chefs, and others. Development consists of a wide range of tasks, including market research, deciding on a menu, prototyping, testing and tasting, ingredient procurement securing traceability, components analysis, bacteria testing, selection of packaging materials, quality standardization, hygiene management, upgrading and maintenance of a mass production infrastructure, etc.


Aiming to create handmade flavors of home as well as authentic Japanese ryotei and gourmet restaurant flavors, the Warabeya Group will continue to constantly challenge ourselves, by incorporating more local ingredients to develop new attractive products.

product development

Chilled Bento Meal Boxes

Onigiri Rice Balls