Building the value of our food products
through the Warabeya Nichiyo Group's integrated system

World-top-class management implemented thoroughly from ingredient procurement through to production and delivery.

At the production lines, health and sanitation monitoring are in place on employee body temperature and similar elements, while strict policies of hand-washing, air shower, and disinfectant use are  enforced throughout the nine stages of production. The factory floors are divided by colors into separate sections against heated and unheated food items, and employees are forbidden from travelling between these areas. Multiple video surveillance system installed inside the factory contributes to enforcement of “Food Defense” policies.


None of our products uses “preservatives or artificial coloring materials”. We maintain a high level of quality through the preservation of traceability from ingredient procurement to processing and delivery, the appropriate temperature controls for each product, and thorough implementation of our original HACCP system used in every plant.


This stable production system, which meets strict standards while producing delicious and reliable products, is in place after many years of research and success.



Hand sanitation before entering the factory

Stopping contaminants by air shower

Factory floor separation by color into pre-heating and post-heating processes

Thorough quality inspections




Strict Quality and Hygiene Controls Backed by Science

Warabeya Nichiyo is a member of the Nihon Delica Foods Association (NDF), an organization of 70 deli foods producers, and has implemented NDF’s original HACCP hygiene management system.