Rich line-up of popular products

Warabeya Nichiyo produces bento meal boxes, onigiri rice balls,
and side dishes for convenience stores.

Cooked rice products

Bento Meal Boxes

Bento meal boxes are quickly replaced through a short product cycle. Our bento meal boxes incorporated seasonal ingredients and advanced techniques, always bring fresh new tastes through new twists and special features. 

Onigiri Rice Balls & Sushi

These products are refined down to every detail, from the texture of the rice and dried seaweed to the taste of the ingredients, and everything in between. Enjoy the flavor of the ingredients in this rich variety of products.

Chilled Bento Meal Boxes

Drawing on the inherent deliciousness of the cooking and ingredients, this is a new type of bento meal boxes that continue to remain delicious for long lite periods, as suited for customers' needs.

Side Dishes / Noodles / Bread Products / Chilled Japanese Sweets

Bread Products

We develop all kinds of products for a variety of customers' needs, including various flavors and types of volume and healthiness. Vegetables and others ingredients are always reliably fresh.

Side Dishes and Noodles

We aim to liven up the dining room table with boiled foods, fried foods, salads, and other items that bring back the flavor of home and Mom’s cooking, including seasonal menus that use seasonal ingredients.

Chilled Japanese Sweets

A wide range of chilled desserts, from the classic to the innovative, and responsive to changing trends. We provide the joy of eating through care for the delicate texture and appearance of our desserts.